The Erase Hunger Project

Saatchi & Saatchi



A 5%
Increase In
People being Fed.

In New York, where more than 1.4 million face each day with little or no food, hunger shows its desperate face everywhere. Saatchi and Saatchi Wellness decided to help change that.

Collaborating with Crossroads Community Services, (a Manhattan-based NGO that provides meals, groceries, food rescue, and shelter programs), they took part in two projects: Street Fare and the Erase Hunger Project.

First, the agency created a pop-up like no other. The Erase Hunger Project Pop-up was designed to be shown at street food markets and food fairs – where all New Yorkers gather for food.

The pop-up offered free packets of eating utensils, and invited people to grab one. But that's not all… On the back of each packet was a card that reminded people to share with the hungry and homeless living on the street. The card listed the time and place when delicious food is given out at Crossroads Community Services.

The second project – Street Fare – drew attention to the hungry and homeless via chalk street art. Using garbage, potholes, and other debris as mouths, the street art created buzz on social media with messages such as ‘What some new Yorkers have to eat is hard to swallow’ and ‘Eating on the street isn’t pretty.’

These simple chalk pictures were shared across social channels, and across the globe. Sparking people to draw their own.

Over a four-month period, social engagement on Facebook increased 150%. And Crossroads Community saw a 25% increase in people being fed. That’s 25% more people not going hungry on the streets of New York.

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