Save The Food




Over 18 million mentions and counting.

In America, 40 percent of food goes to waste each year. With Save the Food, SapientRazorfish aimed to change that statistic. The goal of the campaign was two-fold: First, to raise awareness of this issue, and second, to engage consumers with actionable behavioral changes that can help end food waste.

To launch the campaign, the agency created a film called The Extraordinary Life and Times of Strawberry, which follows the journey of a single strawberry from farm to fridge, and beyond. Turned plump, sweet, and red under the sun before being plucked, packed, and shipped off to the grocery store, this strawberry represents a future moment of small joy—that is, if it isn’t left to rot in the back of the refrigerator. Overall, the film illustrated how, when you waste food, you waste everything: water, emissions, labor, money, even love.

To mobilize people and create collective impact, we created, a resource of knowledge on food waste and how to prevent it. The site infused small inspirational reminders of actions people can take at home, and a series of Amazon Alexa voice commands made this content more accessible than ever.

The integrated campaign launched on April 20th 2016. The communications hierarchy uses Broadcast TV, Online Film, Digital Banners, pre-roll ads, press, and out-of-home to raise awareness of the issue.

Within it’s first 24 hours, the campaign received extensive media coverage, including Time Magazine, NPR, and National Geographic. To date, it has generated over 18 million mentions with endless opportunities to raise awareness and drive change.

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